The 2 Bank Account System for Personal Budgeting




This is how we manage the personal finances of a family of 7 with multiple sources of income including a steady salary of bi-weekly paychecks.

How to use this spreadsheet:

  • The top showing dark orange is the income
  • The light pink, orange, purple, and grey lines are monthly savings and expenses
  • The last line is considered “Cashflow” or anything extra that is not allocated to any one thing
  • As bills get paid, cut and paste to column D.  This removes them from the “remaining monthly expenses” calculation
  • The savings accounts can simply be taken from C9 – C13 and increase the balances to the right
  • The first cell in the next Column is what is your current bank account balance
  • As your income gets deposited throughout the 4 week period, delete the amounts in the F cells

So you can see that the you may have $750 in the bank, but you really only have $250 worth of cashflow to play with once everything clears.

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