May 03

Lets Talk Making Offers

Lets talk making offers.
When making offers be fully aware of the parameters you’re working within. The worst offer you can make is a discounted offer with a litany of contingencies.. financing, inspections, radon, a smell test… etc…  On the contrary and exact polar opposite, the most aggressive offer you can make is a cash offer, no contingencies, close next week.
You’re initial offer can be a super aggressive cash offer based on just a walk through contingency. The goal should be to start a conversation. Allow them to say no. Allow them to counter. Just get the process started. Once that conversation is started, then its human nature is to work with the cards that are dealt and stick to a known communication source.
But YOU have to start the conversation!
This is a relationship game and the #1 rule when it comes to producing leads is that you must build rapport with your lead generators. They must be able to trust that you can close and that you fully understand what you are getting in to. Your goal should be to be the path of least resistance for these folks so they call you first.

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