May 03

Lets Talk Systems – Furnace Filter Project

Lets talk furnace filters.
As you grow, furnace filter changes will be one of the first maintenance items to go by the wayside. We are now implementing a portfolio wide furnace filter program. All units except SFH’s will receive a furnace filter every 3mo. The war zone monster buildings will have the filters changed by our group. We install lockboxes at the basement access door to all big multi-families so we can go in relatively undisturbed. We have created a google docs spreadsheet shared by the team to keep track of sizes, last changed, and any access notes needed. We’ve found missing filters, sealed returns, wrong filters, and multiple 3mo filters in 12mo slots. Rick the Hvac guys says a clogged filter is better than no filter 🤷🏼‍♂️ is where we are ordering from in bulk.
Remember fellow investors, poor management and poor record keeping is a big contributing factor to a weak negotiating position as a seller.
As the Beastie Boys said best… ‘get it togetha..’ 😎
Let me know if you’ve implemented any similar systems and best practices!

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