May 03

The One That Got Us Started That We Didnt Even Buy!

Here’s the one that started it all. Fall 2014 🍁
My wife wanted to show me the new home of our friends before bed one night. We jumped on Zillow and I immediately noticed this building just a few blocks away for about a quarter of the price of theirs. I called my friend at the time, and now my mentor and #1 cheerleader, and scheduled a walk-through the next day. I knew right away this was not the building for me, but my mentor said he’d give me $2000 at closing. I went home standing a foot taller knowing this was my new jam.
At the same time, and miraculiously somehow, we had saved $25,000 to build a barn on our new property that we could not agree on in anyway.
Within a week I had a contract on my first BRRRR. Opportunity + Preparedness ⭐️
Six years later, left corporate America 3/1/2021, now at 139 units, attending the kids games, taking my daughter to school, and having long mornings with my wife.  I can’t believe the freedom and lifestyle real estate has provided us.  Your family is watching.  Time is ticking.  Take Action!
Onward 💯

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