Jan 30

What is your WHY?

What is your WHY?
Mine is sitting right here next to me as we drive to Pittsburgh tonight for a Junior Otters travel hockey game.
I got a call from a friend on the drive down and we were talking about what some could perceive as successes while not completely understanding the sacrifices and challenges that come with scaling a real estate business capable of earning one’s freedom. Truth is, if you ask all of my children what it was like in the beginning years, they’ll most likely say I may not have been the most present father. That’s tough to accept. There’s something about getting up early, working harder than anyone else in the office, proving to yourself that you have the ability and that you deserve the fruits of your labor. That working intentionally and with the tenacity of a f*cking lion, that you know its all worth it, even if others cant see it. It is and will be a sacrifice.
Keep. Moving. Forward.
Anyone who knows me from the beginning years will tell you that my “why” was getting my son on a travel hockey team because I knew he had the talent and ability and deserved to play at that level. I simply could not do it working a corporate 9 to 5 and having four other children to juggle schedules with.
Heres to you, Bud 🧃

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